Windows-Version of ZENSURA (last change 21.02.12, version 3.40)

The Windows version of  ZENSURA is a brand new kind of software for calculation of   human power (for teachers, trainers, proffessors...). The following pictures are taken from the German version, but an international version is now available.

Now Zensura® works together with PocketZensura.


You get more information from the german page!

An assistent will help you to create a new file. You may configurate freely or you may use prepared configuration files.

zensura_assisten.jpg (43536 bytes)

All files are packed in MS-Access format. One file can hold a table of people belonging to several groups with different periods of different kind of measurements of human power.

All windows can be configured and can have any position.You are free to implement any hierarchy and weight of your measurements. A teacher for sports may collect marks for running, swimming, baseball etc.

Even the scales of your measurements are completely free (they can be numbers or strings). You can use several scales in one file. With ZENSURA comes an editor for power scales.


Printing will be revolutionary easy, as ZENSURA may be strongly modified by users. Now you can modify your reports in MS-Word. A report is a collection of text chapters, that also may be modified with MS-Word.

zensura_drucken.jpg (32738 bytes)

You may create your own reports, power scales etc. but you don't have to. ZENSURA comes with many prepared reports and scales.

ZENSURA helps you to handle tests. The first version will support tests with mistakes or tests with points.

testbewertung1.jpg (40987 bytes)

testbewertung2.jpg (27361 bytes)

testbewertung3.jpg (57743 bytes)

testbewertung4.jpg (59097 bytes)

Zensura has the option to change and create languages  (English, German etc.) online.