How to use Zensura® in Korean university

1. Installation

Do a standard installation and change to english language. After this, get the Korean update file from . Look at download area of this site. This update will copy some additional files to your Zensura®:

„Korean_Uni_System.ska“                           (look at you installation directory)

“KoreaUniversity.zlo”                           (look at subdirectory “files”)

“Example.mdb”                           (look at subdirectory “files”)

“Korea_….”                           (several files in subdirectory “print”)

2. Brief look at file “Example.mdb”

Start Zensura® and open file “Example.mdb”. Look at the valuations. You see many windows with all valuations of one student. The small windows (logic elements) on top show grades of both semesters in per cent and with characters like “F”, “D”, “D+”, “C”, “C+”, “B”, “B+”, “A”, and “A+” (for 59%, 64%, 69%, 74%, 79%, 84%, 89%, 94% and 100%).

The bigger windows (valuation windows) show valuations for:

a) presents

b) additional works (homework, talk…)

c) first examination (in the middle of a semester)

d) second examination (at the end)

There are different windows for each semester.

Input valuations for b), c) and d) are rounded per cents.

Window a) is different: You have to put in

0      for present students (this means 100%)

/       for missing students (this means 0%)

-       for students, that came too late or missed parts ( this means 50%)

***    for students, that are excused (this means no valuation).

In case every valuation window of a semester contains valuations, the small windows show the grades. The example file uses a logic like:

presents : additionals : examination1 : examination2 = 15 : 20 : 25 : 40

3. How to put in valuations for presents

Use Zensura® part “Test” for input. Create something like a test for every lesson. Use “Valuations with proportions in weights” as “Kind of test”. Use “Marks for presents” for all three valuation scales. As “Number of exercises” put in 1. There is an example where you can look at. Open test “Presents 01.04.03” an see, how you can put in valuations for presents for all students at one time. Don`t forget to “Fix test results”.

4. How to put in the other valuations

Also use a test for input. But in difference you should use

Valuation scale for results:  Percents no decimal digits

Valuation scale for statistic: Percents 0, 10, 20 ...

5. How to create your own file

File ->New ->2.New file based on existing Zensura logic

Use “Korea_University.zlo” as logic file.

6. Print Reports

There are special reports for you. Their names start with “Korea_…..”.

This is a very short help. For more details look at Zensura® help or write to .

Martin Rhinow